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This morning I’ve found some sad news over at The Wiert Corner.

Apparently, Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – a valued member of the Delphi community, whose work I appreciate a lot – got his MVP status and technical partner licenses revoked. Jeroen won’t be able to support Delphi community and open source projects as much as before because the latest licenses of his own are Delphi 2007 and XE4.

Jeroen’s been a very active member of the Delphi community over the years, providing countless articles, blog posts, comments, bug reports and constructive participation in technical discussions. His contributions were always standing out as helpful, to the point, clearly with the aim and wish to improve Delphi, to provide value to the people involved, to support the community, and, need I really say it, thus also the company selling the product.

What happened, Embarcadero? Care to comment on this? Since this might be interpreted as “constructive criticism not welcome here”.

I hope this could still come out as a misunderstanding which can be sorted out and forgotten soon.

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