Colours on my keyboard

A few days ago I had to consider reinstalling Windows on my notebook. Instead I decided to switch to Linux Mint. I’ve been using Linux Mint in virtual machines for a few years and it worked very well for me. This is the first time I run Linux directly on the host. For development I keep a few Windows virtual machines. I’m very happy with it so far. Everything just worked without much ado, except one detail: The notebook comes with a backlit keyboard with configurable colours. Under Windows I got used to setting it to a dim white colour which works best for me. Since the default colour on boot is dark blue I was looking for a way to change it in Linux. Luckily, I’ve found a driver for it.

Big kudos to Steven Seeger (klystron) for his efforts!

I can enjoy my comfortable dim white colour again. Or play around; see below. 😉

Happy holidays and a great year 2017 to everyone!

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