Subversion editor view

Subversion editor view

Today I’ve played with the idea of a new Subversion editor view in the Delphi 2006 IDE.
To add a new editor view to the editor, you have to implement ICustomEditorView interface and register it with a RegisterEditorView call.
You’ll need to add EditorViewSupport unit to your uses clause. This unit is only available through designide.dcp; there is no source code. But you can use Code Insight and Help Insight to see what methods are declared in the interface:

TSvnEditorView = class(TInterfacedObject, ICustomEditorView, ICustomEditorFrameView)
{ ICustomEditorView }
function GetCanCloneView: Boolean;
function GetCaption: string;
function GetPriority: Integer;
function GetStyle: TEditorViewStyle;
function GetViewIdentifier: string;
procedure Display(const AContext: IInterface; AViewObject: TObject);
function EditAction(const AContext: IInterface; Action: TEditAction; AViewObject: TObject): Boolean;
function GetEditState(const AContext: IInterface; AViewObject: TObject): TEditState;
function Handles(const AContext: IInterface): Boolean;
procedure Hide(const AContext: IInterface; AViewObject: TObject);
procedure ViewClosed(const AContext: IInterface; AViewObject: TObject);

{ ICustomEditorFrameView }
function GetFrameClass: TCustomFrameClass;

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